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What are the Key Features of the Gama iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer?

The Gama iQ Perfetto professional hair dryer boasts the title of being the lightest and most efficient hair dryer you can find right now, weighing in at just 294 grams! The lightweight design really does make it a hairdressing breakthrough, helping reduce muscular strains for stylists using the dryer for longer periods of time.

The longlife brushless motor is also essential for salon use, which boasts a motor speed of 110.000 rpm, while the digital control interface makes adjusting the 12 available heat and speed settings easy – you can even save your favourite settings for different hair types.

With 2000 watts of power behind it, the Gama iQ Perfetto claims it can dry hair 30% faster than any other hairdryer, while still maintaining a quiet 78dB of sound level.


Gama iQ Perfetto vs Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

So how does the Gama iQ Perfetto stand up against its biggest rival, the award-winning Dyson Supersonic hair dryer?

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences…


The Gama iQ Perfetto is correct in its claim to be the lightest hair dryer on the market. It weighs just 294g (less than two iPhones!) compared to Dyson’s 659g. Both are very light compared to less advanced dryers, but the Gama iQ Perfetto wins by over 400 grams.


With a powerful 2000 watts behind it, the Gama iQ Perfetto beats Dyson Supersonic’s 1600 watts. This translates to a faster drying time for the Gama hair dryer.

The Gama iQ Perfetto also uses its Venturi Effect, which multiplies the airflow from the motor without using extra power.

Heat and speed settings

Both the Gama iQ Perfetto and Dyson Supersonic have 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings, translating into 12 different configurations to choose from, plus a cool shot.

However, the Gama iQ Perfetto does have some additional unique features to take note of. One of these is its memory function, which allows you to save certain combinations of heat and speed with its digital control interface. The lock setting then prevents you from accidentally changing the settings when styling the hair.

While the Dyson does have intelligent heat control to protect the hair, this does restrict hair stylists who want complete control over the hair dryer’s output.


Both hair dryers come with 3 nozzle attachments, including a smoothing concentrator and diffuser for curls.

The Gama iQ Perfetto has been preferred in many reviews of the product due to the slimmer and wider concentrator which helps reduce drying time and helps create a smoother finish to the hair.

Gama iQ Perfetto Hairdryer attachents

Cleaning features

The Dyson Supersonic still has a filter that needs to be manually cleaned. The Gama iQ Perfetto boasts its own Autoclean Technology that rotates the motor turbine in the opposite direction, deep cleaning the filter and expelling any particles. It also features an innovative micro-filter that prevents particles from entering the filter in the first place, helping to extend the life of the motor.


Both dryers have an innovative and ergonomic design that really stands out in the market. However, the sleek Italian-designed Gama iQ Perfetto might be preferred by stylists in the salon setting as the longer filter end makes it easier to hold in various positions while styling the hair. Its lighter weight and lightly gripped surface also helps reduce strains caused by repetitive drying.

Sound level

Both the Gama iQ Perfetto and Dyson Supersonic achieve a similar incredibly low sound level of 78dB, improving the salon experience for both clients and stylists.

The main difference to note is the Gama Perfetto’s higher ‘whistling’ sound, compared to the ‘hum’ of the Dyson.


Gama iQ Perfetto Hairdryer