Silhouette Lacquer Super hold

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Provides super hold while maintaining great shine and vitality. Silhouette-pure super hold formulation with micro-fine film formers for long lasting, yet invisible, strong hold without burdening the hair. Quick drying. Without stickiness. Brushes out easily. salon exclusive.

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Silhouette Lacquer Super hold for the Perfect Finish.

Hairsprays keep everything up! The volume is up, updos stand up to wind and weather, and distinctive hairstyle elements stand up even against gravity. As a bonus effect, hairsprays also add irresistible shine to hair. We like to put you in full command of this magic styling aid.

 No matter whether your hair is thick or sparse, straight or curly, there is a proper hairspray made for your hair.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 330 mm